"Sometimes the driver may find himself waiting at red light, even though the intersection is vacant and there is no need to give precedence to anyone. A system called Intellicon is supposed to solve this problem and make urban traffic control simpler. Instead of centralized, manned control systems, Intellicon is offering that traffic lights will work based on encoded radio signals received from vehicles. The traffic light controller will be able to realize how many vehicles are awaiting at each approach of the intersection, and manage the green light splits in the optimal way, for minimal waiting and congestion. Using these radio signals, the system will also be able to give preemption to emergency vehicles and public transport. Intellicon also notes that in the future the system will be able to analyze data regarding travel times and delays in real-time, and offer drivers the shortest route to their destination using a navigation app."
Daniel Schmil, The Marker, 21.08.2013