Real-time adaptive traffic signal control.
Real-time city-wide traffic data


INTELLICON develops the "ICON" adaptive traffic signal control system that operates signalized intersections efficiently.

The "ICON" system uses "discrete vehicle detection" method based on unique annonymous encoded signals transmitted from in-vehicle devices such as smartphones and V2X communication. The system collects signals from all vehicles and attributes every vehicle to its approach and travel direction. For each approach the system allocates the required green time providing real-time adaptive signal control.

"ICON" system architecture is based on a controller unit that operates the traffic signal controller and a Traffic Management Center that controls the controller unit in several operational modes.

Each vehicle carries a detection device and serves as a detector. This unique detectors architecture creates mobile detection devices that move along with the vehicles from one intersection to another. Thanks to this unique distribution system, a large number of detectors are being deployed instead of a few in-road detectors, so that even if one of the detectors is not functioning, the impact of this malfunction on the system is insignificant